Terms and Conditions

In accepting the general Terms of Use, I agree to:

1) Use Anycomms systems for authorised purposes only and not to access or use the systems during any suspension or absence (apart from normal leave) unless specifically authorised in writing by the Headteacher. I further acknowledge that upon termination of my employment in my current role my authorisation to access and use the system will cease absolutely.

2) Comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 in respect of all personal information processed on Anycomms systems.

3) Report malfunctions; incidents and any observed or suspected security breaches to your local authority.

4) Log in to Anycomms from only one PC at a time with my login details

5) Never share my login details with any other person.

6) Open each Anycomms system on a separate browser tab within a single browser session.

7) Log out of all Anycomms systems in a structured manner and close down the browser tab for a single system or the browser session to close all systems.

8) Comply with any controls and restrictions applied, at any time, to Anycomms systems and not undermine system performance by attempting to circumvent these.

9) Comply with any specific terms of use policy applied to any individual system as these may differ between systems.

10) Comply with your School’s ICT Acceptable Use Policy or or any such policies agreements or statements relating to the access to and use of data agreed by the School. Notify the Head Teacher when leaving the organisation.

11) Allow the Learning Performance Team to grant the Head Teacher temporary access to the required account if I am on leave or otherwise absent from the School.

12) Head Teacher account holder: Give the Learning Performance Team 14 days notice of the leaving date of an account holder from the School or immediately upon becoming aware that an account holder has left the School.

13) Teacher account holder: Ensure any account holder who is leaving the School is aware that as from their leaving date if their log in has not been disabled they will not be authorised to and should not use the Anycomms system for any purpose whatsoever

14) Head Teacher account holder: Notify the Learning Performance Team if a new user needs to be set up on Anycomms.

I understand my usage of Anycomms systems may be monitored for the purpose of ensuring the security of the systems.

In addition, I understand that failure to adhere to the above may result in sanctions and limitations on the access and use of the system being applied to my account.